Must Watch: Spox Harry Roque Burns Rappler’s Pia Ranada On Her Literal Question (Video)

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Controversial reporter and one of Rappler’s most hated journalist by DDS netizens, Pia Ranada got a dose of her own medicine when she was burned down by newly-installed Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque after trying to throw a literal question at the brilliant speaker.

Rappler’s Pia Ranada who happened to be a Cum Laude graduate from Ateneo de Manila University asked spokesman Harry Roque for his “threats” against Pres. Duterte’s critics. Former congressman Roque revealed earlier that he will throw hollow blocks to them which was understand literally by the reporter and even posted an article about it on Rappler, but Ranada was burned down by the spokesman.

Here’s How Spox Harry Roque Burned Down Ranada:

Pia: Sir, during your interview with Asec. Mocha Uson, you have “threats” against critics. You said that you would throw hollow blocks to them and then you would also curse and you would scream at critics. Does this manner of speaking have a place given that the admin not only represents Duterte supporters but all law abiding citizens regardless of political leaning?

Spox Roque: Let me be very clear. I was addressing Mocha Uson’s 5.5 million followers. And that’s a public forum. But the message I wanted to send to the DDS was I have the back of the President covered. Now, you can take it LITERALLY or FIGURATIVELY but what I meant was I believe in the free marketplace of ideas. Stones hurled are welcomed but expect to have bigger stones thrown back at you. I think that’s the nature of the free marketplace of ideas. It is also when we have clash of ideas that we are able to discern what the truth is and what is right.

Watch How Spox Harry Roque Burns Pia Ranada in Nationwide TV:

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