Netizens Shares How Inquirer Published Alleged Fake News About the PSG Bodyguards of Drug Queen

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Netizens took to social media and lambasted the mainstream media particularly Inquirer, considered as one of the largest news media outlet in the country with nationwide reach on print media after they reported an alleged fake news about the PSG Bodyguards of a Drug Queen’s daughter.

Inquirer reported earlier an article with the title “Raiders discover drug queen’s daughter being guarded by SAF, PSG members,” which caused some misunderstanding among netizens. A few hours later, Inquirer edited the title by changing it to “Convicted drug queen’s daughter has security details enjoyed by VIPs – raiders.”

The alleged fake news spread by the mainstream media did not sit well among the supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte who took to social media to air their sentiments regarding the news article.

According to Facebook user Kris Caandoy, the report of Inquirer is yet another fake news by mainstream media, but despite their mistake, Inquirer did not issue an erratum, they just simply edited the article, which was already taken by raiders as the gospel truth.

Caandoy also called the attentions of Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque to investigate the issue of Inquirer’s proliferation of alleged fake news. The post of Caandoy went viral on social media after it was shared by Mocha Uson and other prominent DDS Bloggers.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Kris Caandoy:


Ayon sa Inquirer, PNP-SAF and Presidential Security Group (PSG) daw ang bodyguards ng anak ng isang “drug queen”.

Apparently, it was fake news.

And Inquirer simply edited the article. No public erratum whatsoever, despite the fact that the fake news has already been shared all over Facebook.

Mainstream media, isn’t this too much already? You’re readers take your reports as gospel truth, because you are professionals and are supposed to have verified everything thoroughly.

You’re not shady, fly-by-night bloggers, you sick freaks.

What say you, Mr. Harry Roque?

Source: Kris Caandoy FB Page

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