Philippine Red Cross Roasts Trillanes after Filing a Case Against Sen. Richard Gordon

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The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) backs Sen. Richard Gordon on the case filed by the controversial lawmaker, Sen. Antonio Trillanes after he filed a “plunder” case against the veteran senator and head of the Philippine Red Cross. Some netizens commented that Sen. Trillanes was not only burned by Red Cross but he was roasted.

In an official statement, Red Cross Secretary General Oscar Palabyab said the issues that Trillanes is hurling at the organization are now being “sensationalized to the prejudice of the PRC.” The non-government agency added that the issue against Sen. Gordon have already been investigated and settled before.

Palabyab was quoted as saying “We can show without fear of contradiction that the PRC remains a trustworthy and dependable humanitarian organization that is committed to save lives and help the most vulnerable and come out clean in the end,” Palabyab said.

As part of the Red Cross responds to the accusations of Trillanes about the misused Priority Development Assistance Fund, Palabyab said that the Red Cross chairman had no participation in the implementation of the projects and the disbursement of funds.

Here’s the Official Statement of the Philippine Red Cross:

Here is the Philippine Red Cross’ Statement on Senator Trillanes’ Filing of a Case with the Ombudsman Against Senator Gordon on Alleged Misuse of PDAF Funds.

Press Statement
November 9, 2017

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is a trusted partner of choice of both government and private individuals, and institutions in the humanitarian field. The PRC has received and been receiving donations for recovery and developmental projects from the private sector, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and individual National Societies from different Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies worldwide. For Yolanda alone, such contributions enabled the PRC and its partners to construct close to 80,000 homes, schools, health facilities and livelihood projects all over the areas hit by the typhoon. We can cite many other accomplishments and have accounted for every centavo spent for all such projects. The PRC undergoes regular external audit annually and such audited reports are submitted to the IFRC headquarters, which closely monitors the transactions of all member societies. We are proud to say that the PRC is one among the most compliant member societies in the world.

On the alleged misuse of PDAF funds, these refer to projects that the PRC undertook as an implementing agency of the DSWD in the past. Senator Richard J. Gordon had no participation at all in the implementation of those projects and the disbursement of the funds the PRC received from the DSWD. Proper liquidation reports were submitted to the DSWD as required, and provided answers and explanations in the course of the liquidation process. Among the many agencies that implemented projects under the DSWD, the PRC is one among those most compliant and responsive. The public must understand that the process of liquidation is very tedious especially so because of the strict requirements that the DSWD observes and that the PRC has been able to substantially comply with such requirements.

Aware of the incidents that happened a few years back, the same issues and allegations that were already duly investigated and settled before are now being raised and appear to be the same issues Senator Antonio Trillanes will rely on his complaint with the Ombudsman. Regrettably the allegations are based on misleading and outdated facts. We will simply have to restate our position that all those issues have been properly dealt with but are now being sensationalized to the prejudice of the PRC. We can show without fear of contradiction that the PRC remains a trustworthy and dependable humanitarian organization that is committed to save lives and help the most vulnerable and come out clean in the end. We are confident too that Senator Gordon can very well defend himself and clear his good name as a long time Red Cross volunteer and humanitarian worker who happens to be a Senator of the Republic, who fearlessly pursues his advocacies for good governance and the public good. As the Chairman of the PRC, Senator Gordon has transformed the organization into a robust, modernized, well-equipped and foremost humanitarian organization in the country proud of the accomplishments of its volunteers and staff.

Now that a case has been filed, we will let the wheels of justice take its own course while we in the PRC will continue undeterred with our mission as a humanitarian organization committed to save lives, help the most vulnerable and restore their dignity. As we currently participate in the General Assembly of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement here in Turkey, we continue to receive offers of support and requests for bilateral cooperation among prominent National Societies of the world.
Secretary General

Source: Philippine Red Cross / PIA

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