PNP Reports: Armed Robberies at All-Time Low Under Pres. Duterte

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The Philippine National Police revealed through an official Press Release on Friday that Armed Robberies in the entire Philippines is at all time low since Pres. Duterte took over the country’s chief executive.

According to the PNP the robbery incidents dipped sharply since 2016 and continue to simmer steadily during the second half of 2017.

A monthly crime trend review showed robbery cases falling 44.89% from a high of 2,350 in January 2016, down to only 1,295 cases in October 2017, an all time-low level recorded over 22 months.

All Police Regional Offices nationwide marked eduction in robbery incidents in their repective areas of responsibility during the January-October period.

Robbery is among eight (8) focus crime concerns in the PNP’s operational thrust on anti-criminality.
Latest data of crime incidents involving Motorcycle Riding Suspects (MRS) showed robbery as most prevalent among incidents perpetrated by criminals in two wheels.

Over a period of 26 days from October 10 thru November 5, a total of 115 robberies were committed among 327 cases involving Motorcycle Riding Suspects.

Three of these MRS-related robbery incidents resulted in homicide to three (3) victims.

Source: PNP PIO

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