Pres. Duterte to Reclassify NPA as Terrorist, Warns Possible Crackdown of Bayan Leaders

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The tough-talking President of the Republic of the Philippines is now feed up with the numerous atrocities conducted by the New People’s Army as he plans to classify the NPA as a terrorist group due to their recent inhumane actions, including the alleged killing of an infant.

Pres. Duterte also warned of a possible crackdown on left-wing groups such as Bayan headed by veteran protest leader Renato Reyes as the chief executive said they were allegedly conspiring with the communist rebels.

The very first President from Mindanao also said that he planned to order a fresh offensive against the NPA after soldiers have had enough rest, apparently referring to government troops who were deployed to fight pro-Islamic State militants in Marawi City over the past five months.

According to the President before his administration recognized the NPA as legitimate rebels, but with their continued depredations, killing innocent people even an infant 4 months old, he will be issuing a proclamation.

Pres. Duterte stated that he will remove the NPA from the category of a legal entity, or at least a semimovement. He said he was no longer inclined to resume peace talks with the rebels, who had called him a fascist, a killer and corrupt.

If the rebels believed he was all these, why would they bother talking to him, Mr. Duterte asked.

The President’s statements further dimmed any prospect for a resumption of the stalled talks between the government and the communist umbrella, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, which represents the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the NPA, its armed wing.

Source: PNA

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