Sass Sasot Reveals Alleged Biases of BBC After Confrontation with Head

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International political analyst and European-based master’s degree student Sass Rogando Sasot made headlines not only on social media but also in the mainstream media for her confrontation with Southeast Asian Correspondent of BBC revealed on her latest post the alleged biases of BBC.

The local mainstream media once again slanted the confrontation story between Sasot and Jonathan Head of BBC but because of the video taken during the incident, most netizens now understand why Sasot did the unexpected confrontation.

A fellow Pro-Duterte blogger also explained that Sasot was used to that same kind of confrontation against the Western people or the Whites because she studied in Europe.

According to the expose of Sass, during the confrontation she just pointed out the absence of news about the accomplishments of the Duterte administration but BBC told her that it’s so difficult to gain access to government officials.

The statement of BBC Southeast Asia Correspondent Jonathan Head did not sit well with Sass because BBC was able to interview a hired assassin and a drug pusher on the run but found it difficult to interview a government official.

Here’s the Complete Revelations of Sass Rogando Sasot:


During my confrontation with Jonathan Head, the BBC Southeast Asia Correspondent, I pointed out to him the absence of news about the accomplishments of the Duterte Administration. For example, freedom of information.

Head told me that it’s so difficult to gain access to government officials that’s why.

I got so pissed off by this answer because it’s taking me for a naive person. How was Head able to gain access to a HIRED ASSASSIN and a DRUG PUSHER ON THE RUN but not to a government official (see:

You must be some kind of extra-stupid to believe that in the Philippines a journalist would have easier way to contact an assassin and a drug pusher on the run but not a government official who has a staff handling press concerns! Poppycock!
But that’s not the crux of this post.

I conducted a simple content analysis of the news items on attributed to Jonathan Head since he became BBC’s Southeast Asia’s correspondent in 2012.

By typing “Jonathan Head” in BBC’s search function, here’s what I found.

1. A void. No news items during the Aquino administration except 3 typhoon-related issues in December 2014.
So Jonathan Head of BBC didn’t find it newsworthy to write news such as these:
a) That the Sinaloa Drug Cartel has already taken root in the Philippines.
b) DAP charges against Aquino
c) DAP being declared unconstitutional
d) The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention finding Gloria Arroyo’s detention illegal
e) Spoiled goods worth millions intended for Yolanda victims because of DSWD’s incompetence
f) Revelation that crystal meth is being cooked and distributed inside the national prison
g) Mamasapano
h) Kidapawan massacre

These happened within the time Head is BBC’s correspondent in Southeast Asia.

2. Head became active writing about the Philippines during Duterte’s term. Nothing about the numerous accomplishments of the Duterte administration. Why?

Can all these be attributed to Head’s reason? That it’s hard to gain access to government officials?
All together now: POPPYCOCK!

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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