TP Reveals Possible Connections of PhilStar & GMA News Reporter with Sen. Trillanes

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Popular blogger and social media personality Thinking Pinoy made another explosive expose about the possible connections of PhilStar’s Kristine Joy Patag and GMA’s Katrina Charmaine Alvarez to controversial senator Antonio Trillanes and the Liberal Party of the Philippines.

According to Thinking Pinoy or RJ Nieto, there’s some possible connections between Sen. Trillanes and the two mainstream media people Patag and Alvarez but it’s up to the internal ombudsmen of both news outlet to investigate further.

The expose of TP came out after the two mainstream media reporter from GMA News and PhilStar about the rebutal of Sen. Trillanes on the controversial issue about the “little narco” tag thrown at him allegedly by Pres. Trump.

The two journalists made a comprehensive reports about the rebutal of Trillanes but did not cite the original source of the article which was originally written by Al G. Pedroche.

TP also revealed the identities GMA News’ Kathrina Charmaine Alvarez by saying that last month she drew flak from online DDS supporters when she broke the news about Sen. Trillanes’ visit to a Singaporean bank, featuring a video presentation of the senator’s visit to Singapore.

Based upon the article of Alvarez, we can say that the author was there to witness the event, as this appears to be Alvarez’s direct observation as they unfolded but wait there’s more, who paid for Alvarez’s trip to Singapore?

TP also exposed the identity of Philippine Star’s Kristine Joy Patag, and based on her own LinkedIn account, she graduated with a BA Communication Arts degree fromt the University of the Philippines in 2010. Straight out of collect, she joined the Office of the President of the Philippines as a Presidential Staff Officer II.

Kristine Joy Patag was promoted to Presidential Staff Officer III in May 2014, and left the Office of the President when her principal, Pres. PNoy Aquino stepped down in June 2016.

For the past six years according to PNoy, Patag was officially a government propagandist. After leaving the Palace in June 2016, Patag joined Businessworld in Ausut 2016. BusinessWorld is a sister publication of Pilipino Star Ngayon and the Philippine Star.

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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