Veteran Journalist Jojo Robles Burns Pia Ranada on Her Own Facebook Page

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Veteran journalist Jojo Robles burned down the controversial reporter of Rappler, Pia Ranada Robles because of her statement intended to Jojo Robles whom she called out on her latest social media post.

The veteran journalist noted on his post responding to Pia Ranada that it is his first time to make an effort in responding to some controversial questions thrown against him by the Rappler reporter.

According to Pia Ranada on Facebook, she cannot comment on Jojo Robles’ post as she posted the following statement on her Facebook wall.

“Hahahaha Jojo A. Robles. I cannot comment on your post for some reason so I’ll just say it here. Iyakin? I’ve been reading death threats and insults everyday for two years, over breakfast. When did standing up for myself become a form of weakness? In your world apparently :)))”

The veteran journalist Jojo Robles responded by saying “Hahaha right back at you. In my world, we don’t run crying to the KBP for protection against imaginary hollow blocks. We write stories and let them do the talking to us. If “reading death threats” made you so tough, you wouldn’t make this any bigger than it is. Sorry but it still sounds like Datu Puti journalism to me. So get a restraining order. Get a writ of ampara. Then keep doing your job and be done with the fame-whoring.

As for the rest of the you fake-tough yellows on this safe-space snowflake thread, keep trying. Bye!”

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