Video: Architect Jun Palafox Reveals the Difference Between Duterte & Aquino Admin in Terms of Rehab Efforts

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World-class urban planner and veteran architect Jun Palafox revealed the difference between the Aquino Administration’s handling of Yolanda Rehabilation compared to the efforts of the Duterte administration in the Marawi rehabilitation efforts.

In an exclusive interview with Jessica Soho, Arch Jun Palafox exposed the anomalies of the Yolanda Rehabilitation during the Aquino administration wherein politics emerged victorious due to substandard housing units given to the victims of Yolanda.

Watch the Viral Interview with Jun Palafox:

According to the veteran city planner, it is easier to help the government now under the administration of Pres. Duterte because of the fact that there is a legible chain of command and it is simpler to talk unlike Yolanda, wherein it is very difficult to make some dialogue.

Arch Jun Palafox who was instrumental for the building of Dubai and other world-renowned cities made headlines earlier after he made a suggestions to leave the damages left behind by the government’s war against ISIS in Marawi City instead the Duterte admin should build a new city around it.

The architech and urban planner admitted that his suggestions is not new to the world because it made some successes already in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan as well as in New York.

Source: GMA News / Facebook

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