Erwin Tulfo Expose Sanofi Pasteur for Allegedly Using PR Firms to Divert the Dengvaxia Issue

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Veteran journalist and TV host Erwin Tulfo made another explosive expose on his latest show that the controversial French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur for allegedly using Public Relations (PR) firms to divert the Dengvaxia issue.

According to Erwin Tulfo the company Sanofi allegedly used PR firms to attacked some bloggers who discussed the issue regarding the Dengvaxia controversy and paid some media to silenced them and not discuss any topics related to the controversial Dengue vaccine despite the popularity of the issue on social media.

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The veteran TV host also suggested to Sanofi that instead of using PR firms for their efforts to clear their name, they should focus more on how to monitor the victims who were injected with the Dengvaxia vaccines.

Tulfo revealed that based on the information he received Sanofi allegedly hired PR firms to kill the Dengvaxia issue and the people who were victims of the Dengvaxia will forget with the use of the powerful news media outlets.

Sanofi should monitor closely the victims of the Dengvaxia vaccine by getting the lists of those children who were vaccinated from the Department of Education’s list as will as list from the Department of Health (DOH).

Erwin Tulfo reiterated his concerns about the deaths of the two child who were allegedly victims of the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine despite the explanation made by Sanofi that there is no proven records of death caused by the vaccine.

The veteran journalist also suggested to the senators not to go easy with Sanofi, if there’s a need for a case to be filed against Sanofi or Aquino, it should be filed. He even noted that former Pres. PNoy as a dumb leader, the senate should filed a case also to Garin and Abad for their involvement with Dengvaxia.

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