PCI Jovie Espenido Confirms Ozamiz City “Continues to be Source of Illegal Drugs” in Mindanao

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Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido confirmed in an interview with the local news outlet that the City of Ozamiz “continues to the source of illegal drugs” in Mindanao after they intercepted P5 million worth of shabu that was about to be shipped to Cebu City.

According to PCI Espenido the intercepted illegal drugs were part of the P112 million worth of shabu that seized from the Parojinog clan, despite the fact that their former leader the late Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr. was already killed during an encounter with Espenido’s forces.

The former Chief of Police who was also responsible for the capture of Mayor Espinosa, PCI Espenido also revealed that the Parojinogs have relatives in Cebu who were engaged in drug trafficking.

The Ozamiz City Police Chief stated that he does not know Leo and Jeannette Malingin, whom the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 7 caught in Barangay Tabok, Mandaue City last July 30, 2017.

However, he said that arrested drug personalities Melodin Malingin, Gaudencio Malingin and others belong to the Parojinog clan.

PCI Espenido was quoted as saying “Kining pamilyaha kaniadto pang 1965 nabaniog bisag dili ta maghisgot sa intel report, drugas ilang negosyo (The family has been linked to illegal drugs as early as 1965),” he said.

The Ozamiz City police chief who became notorious as the country’s drug lord’s buster, said that Ozamiz City, does not have a shabu laboratory, but the drugs abound in the city.

Source: Sun Star Philippines

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