Thinking Pinoy’s Fearless Forecast After Rappler’s Maria Ressa Blames Facebook for its Downfall

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Popular social media personality with more than a million followers in Facebook, Thinking Pinoy shared his fearless forecast after Rappler’s Maria Ressa blames Facebook for its dwindling engagement and possible downfall in the social media sphere.

Maria Ressa, the CEO of self-confessed “social news site” Rappler has gone too far and couldn’t accept their dwindling engagement on social media. Rather than own up to their own failure to build a credible news media organization but accuse Facebook for failing to “moderate its greed” and step up to that role.

The monumental tantrum of Maria Ressa was published internationally after MSNBC run the story of how Rappler accused Facebook of manipulating social media in favor of Pres. Rody Duterte.

Thinking Pinoy disagreed with the statement of Maria Ressa as he revealed her fearless forecast for Rappler and the people behind them.

According to Thinking Pinoy, during the year 2016 Rappler overlord Maria Ressa accused the most popular DDS Page, Mocha Uson Blog, Saass Rogando Sasot and TP of “gaming” social media algorithms and now she went on to blame no other than Facebook itself.

TP revealed on his forecast that in 2018, Maria Ressa should probably blamed Robinson’s Galleria’s alleged snake, in 2019, she will blame the KGB. In 2020, she will blame the Illuminati, and in 2021 she will probably blame the Ancient Aliens.

Here’s the Complete Forecast of Thinking Pinoy:


In 2016, Rappler overlord Maria Ressa accused MOCHA USON BLOG, For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot, and I of “gaming” social media algorithms. 

In 2017, she went on to blame no other than Facebook itself.

Now that 2017 is almost over, here’s what’s gonna happen next:

In 2018, she will blame the snake in Robinsons Galleria. In 2019, she will blame the KGB. In 2020, she will blame the Illuminati. In 2021, she will blame the Ancient Aliens.

Then in Q1 2022, she will SUDDENLY disappear, re-emerge after a couple of months, then claim that she was abducted by the same extra-terrestials she mentioned in 2021.

Source: Thinking Pinoy FB Page

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