Australia’s Telstra and Four other Firms Keen as Third Telco Player Competing Against Globe & PLDT

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One of the world’s leading telecom company, Australia’s Telstra and four firms are keen on entering the Philippine Telecom market as the country’s third telco player aim to compete against Globe Telecom and PLDT.

Telstra and four other telecom giants in Asia which include China Telecom have expressed interest to join the bidding in early 2013 of the country’s mobile frequencies and become a third telecom player in the Philippines.

According to Eliseo Rio, officer-in-charge secretary of the Department of Information and Technology aside from Telstra and China Telecom, telecom firms from Japan, Korea and the United States are seen to enter the Philippine Telecom market.

DICT also clarified that the said foreign companies are required to partner with any of the local telecom firms to meet the 60-40 foreign ownership limit, Rio explained.

The highly anticipated investment of the third telco player in the Philippines required the third player to invest $2.7 billion to roll out telecom infrastructure nationwide to compete with the incumbent telcos, Globe and PLDT, which are also expanding their mobile and fixed networks.

Officer-in-charge Eliseo Rio said that ti will be the private sector not the government sector which will select the foreign partner.

The DICT also revealed that as of press time there are three telecom companies in the Philippines including listed technology firm Now Copr., Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (PT&T) and Converge ICT Solutions which are keen to join the bidding for mobile frequencies as revealed by Gamaliel Cordoba, commissioner of the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC).

Officer-in-Charge Eliseo Rio also said that the government of Pres. Rody Duterte would bundle all the remaining frequencies and award it to only one of the companies to avoid the possibility the companies would be bought by the incumbent telcos.

The frequencies are enough to allow the third telecom player to compete with PLDT and Globe which now have 70 percent of all the frequencies. These frequencies which are up for auction are the excess frequencies surrendered by PLDT and Globe after their joint acquisition of San Miguel Corporation’s telecommunication business.

Source: Malaya News

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