R. Tiglao Expose: Telco Duopoloy is the Biggest Funder of CPP-NPA Worth P3-Billion Yearly

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Veteran columnist and former ambassador to Cyprus and Greece, Rigoberto Tiglao made another explosive expose about the two largest conglomerate in the Philippines that controls the tecom industry, the duopoly of Globe and PLDT. According to Tiglao there’s a huge possibility that PLDT & Globe, has become the biggest single source of financing for the CPP-NPA.

In the latest article of Tiglao in The Manila Times, he revealed that based from his sources, since the start of this decade, the telcos have capitulated to the CPP-NPA’s demands for extortion money worth around an estimated P3-billion yearly, a huge part of which are received directly by their top leaders.

The alleged support of the two largest telecom companies in the Philippines is to secure their vital infrastructures, they give up with the demands of the NPA so that the communists will not destroy or damage their 20,000 cell towers spread all over the country, many of which are in far-flung areas too distant for the police or the military to protect.

According to the information gathered by Tiglao, the telcos have calculated that it is cheaper to pay the NPA than hire heavily armed private security guards, who have proven to be so quick to surrender to the NPA.

Due to the support of the duopoly to the CPP-NPA, it certainly explains why attacks on telco’s cell-sites have dramatically gone down to practically none in the past several years, from about one each month before.

In an earlier report with some members of the media, one of the top officials of the CPP-NPA, spokesperson Ka Diego admitted that he’s definitely grateful to telcos, but he did not elaborate further why he is grateful despite the fact that they are fighting against monopoly and capitalism.

Tiglao also revealed that the estimated P3-billion monthly income of the NPA from the two telcos coincides with the data reported in a study on the armed conflict in Bicol published way back the year 2006 by the economic think-tank Philippine Institute of Development Studies. The study reported that in the Bicol provinces, the NPA had been demanding “P50,000 to P200,000 as yearly tax per site, and as much as P500,000 for a newly set up cell site.”

The study also asserted that “Smart and Globe are said to be the biggest sources of revolutionary tax of the NPAs in Bicol.” The CPP-NPA allegedly gets P3-billion annually from the telcos would explain why it has been totally silent in exposing and opposing not only the monopoly nature of the telcos, but the fact that these are owned by foreign monopolists.

In his article, Tiglao revealed that the biggest owners of PLDT are the Indonesian tycoon Anthoni Salim and the mammoth Japanese firm NTT. Globe Telecom’s biggest shareholder is the Singaporean state through SingTel.

To know more abou the expose of Rigoberto Tiglao, just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

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