Rep. Baguilat on SWS Survey Results: History Will Judge that Aquino is Better than Duterte

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Liberal Party stalwart and Ifugao Representative Teddy Baguilat disagree with the latest Social Weather Station survey results wherein Pres. Duterte got 70% of Filipinos believe that he is better than former Pres. PNoy Aquino.

According to Rep. Baguilat, history will judge Pres. Aquino and he is sure that Aquino is better than Duterte, although there’s a big possibility that Duterte would surpass Noynoy in terms of popularity, but he believed a high trust ratings is more important than that.

In an interview with the media, Rep. Baguilat, a member of the “Magnificent 7” in the House of Representatives was quoted as saying “Duterte might eventually surpass PNoy’s historical average trust rating over the course of his term. But what’s more important is not popularity but whether the high trust ratings would translate into strong legacies,” Baguilat said.

According to Baguilat, former Pres. PNoy achieved legacies that no popularity ratings can surpass such the country’s vibrant and resilient economy, starting peace talks, implementation of the Universal Health Coverage, K-12 Program, BUB, and 4Ps.

The veteran lawmaker from Ifugao, Rep. Teddy Baguilat is one of the fiercest critic of Pres. Rody Duterte and most of the policies of the current administration was opposed by the lawmaker who is closely connected to Pres. PNoy, Mar Roxas and VP Leni Robredo.

Rep. Teddy Baguilat ran for speakership in the 17th Congress of the Philippines but he eventually lost to Pres. Duterte’s close-ally Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

The representative from the lone district of Ifugao served as Governor of Ifugao before becoming a lawmaker and during his term, the Ifugao Provincial Board filed a case against him for gross negligence but the case was dismissed.

Source: PNA

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