Thinking Pinoy Calls Out News5 for Spreading Fake News Identifying Drilon as Sen. Gordon

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Popular social media personality who is considered as one of the most-followed DDS Blogger in the Philippines, Thinking Pinoy calls out News5 for spreading fake news as they could not identify between Sen. Franlin Drilon and Sen. Dick Gordon.

In the latest viral post of Thinking Pinoy he posted a screen grab of the News5 social media article wherein News5 posted a statement of Sen. Dick Gordon about the controversial Mamasapano incident but they mistakenly post the photo of Sen. Drilon, not only the photo but also the name caption.

Sen. Richard Gordon in one of his interview stated that until now former Pres. Noynoy Aquino couldn’t accept the fact that he was responsible for the botched Mamasapano encounter leading to the death of the 44 elite members of the PNP-SAF.

The Senator was quoted as saying “While people are crying out for justice for the SAF 44, it is blatant that President Benigo Aquino III is still skirting taking responsibility for sending them to their deaths by passing the blame to other people” Sen. Gordon stated.

The statement of Sen. Gordon was posted on social media by News5 but they mistakenly put the photos of Sen. Franklin Drilon which caught the attentions of netizens including Thinking Pinoy.

The reason why Thinking Pinoy called out the attentions of News5 because the company is considered as one of the three largest news media outlet but they failed to see their mistake unlike Mocha Uson who single-handedly handled with own blog thereby making some mistakes from time to time.

Thinking Pinoy explained that when Mocha Uson failed to identify the exact location of Mayon Volcano the mainstream media and the critics of the President immediately attacked the blogger and PCOO Asec but now they failed to recognize the mistake of News5 and sensationalized it.

Here’s Some of the Reactions from Netizens:

Susan Yap Liu: Pota natakbo ang mainstream ng walang editor or proof reader or ghost writers. Leche wawa naman ang mga veteranong mga reporters like Ka Jojo, Conrad B and Ka jonath, legacy down the drain.

Jeeyonatan GL: This is classic! Hurling insults and/or criticisms at someone for making a mistake that they themselves would commit just soon after! Although, was this really a mistake?

Gay Aida Dumaguing: Yaaan tp! Kung ang Mayon nasa Naga, ito na! Si drilon na ang nag red cross…si gordon, naging…ahmm…. Drug protector?

Source: Thinking Pinoy FB Page

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