Miriam’s Sister Explains Pres. Duterte’s Case in the ICC and the Reasons Why There’s No Need to Worry

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Veteran international lawyer and sister of the late Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Atty. Paula Santiago-Knack stated on her official Facebook Page that at this stage, the ICC issue regarding Pres. Duterte is still NOT A CASE.

According to Atty. Knack it is difficult to arrest a sitting head of state as what history tells us regarding US Pres. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair during the Iraq War.

Atty. Knack noted that right now the ICC will still look into the issue involving Pres. Duterte through the Office of the Prosecutor of the world-renowned ICC. The veteran lawyer and Miriam’s sister also posted a link to the article about the statement of Spox Harry Roque who says that the Hague still weighs complaint against Pres. Duterte over drug war deaths.

Here’s the Complete Revelations of Atty. Paula Knack:

VIRAL !! …..At this stage, it is NOT A CASE. Kung baga, titingnan pa lang ng Office of the Prosecutor. It is difficult to arrest a sitting head of state ..remember Bush and Blair on Iraq ?

PRRD says he is willing to go to prison for the Philippines.

WHO SAID FILIPINOS Will allow him to go PRISON ?

There are many pending cases in the national jurisdiction which removes it from ICC jurisdiction. I made sure of this when I was Legal Advisor of the Philippine Embassy at The Hague. This was the legal advice I gave the Ambassador and we followed up and there ARE indeed many cases pending against the police and other officials who have been accused of criminal acts or are part of drug rings.

If the ICC wishes to thrash the COMPLEMENTARITY PRINCIPLE (PENDING CASES IN NATIONAL JURISDICTION RESULTS IN LACK OF JURISDICTION BY THE ICC), THEN LETS SEE WHAT THE REPERCUSSIONS WILL BE. Time and again, the African bloc has been dissatisfied with the ICC and has threatened to withdraw. They had to negotiate with the African countries to stay.


Source: Atty. Paula Knack FB Page

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