Netizens Reacts on Mainstream Media’s Misleading Report About the Nationwide Walkout vs. Pres. Duterte

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Netizens took to social media and lambasted the mainstream media for some misleading report on national TV and in the online news network. The reactions of netizens was posted on social media after a former Scout Ranger official shared photos of the protest actions with misleading headlines.

Former Scout Ranger, Sir Abe Purugganan posted a set of photos on his official Facebook Page showing how the mainstream media reported a misleading news article about the nationwide walkout conducted by some students from the University of the Philippines.

Sir Abe Purugganan, one of the most avid supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media and co-creator of the Revolutionary Government movement for Pres. Duterte posted the following statement on Facebook:

Why can’t these people learn to report honestly? Why do they have to lie and deceive the Filipino people? Is this the kind of press freedom that we want, the freedom to lie?

These two news outfits are propaganda machines of the liberals.

The photos includes the misleading articles from CNN that says “Hundreds of Students Take to Streets vs. Government” and the headlines posted by Rappler that says “IN PHOTOS: Thousands join nationwide walk-out vs Duterte.”

Due to the misleading nature of the headlines by the two mainstream media outlets, netizens reacted by posting their comments on the said photos.

Here’s Some of the Comments on Social Media:

Daisy Esteban Guillermo: Ang mga kabataan ngayon ang panira ng bayan…

Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar: They don’t know how to count. Math is difficult for Dilawans eh!

Arleen Tatel: Pati pagbilang hindi na rin marunong ang Rappler, wala pang isang daan yan panong naging thousands? Mga bugok!

Sergio Llagas: Naku kung si Sen. Sotto pa ay naku Maaaaalas malaaaaas kc ang pondo ng yolanda yata ang ginamit dyan sa mga ralyista. Na binulsa ng mga taeng dilawan noong kapanahonan ni Abnoy.

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