Pres. Duterte to Charge Boracay Local Officials for Neglect of Duty Creating an Environmental Disaster (Video)

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The tough-talking President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte blames the local officials of Boracay island and warned to charge them for neglect of duty creating an environmental disaster in the world famous resort island of Boracay.

According to Pres. Duterte he had given Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu the authority to “destroy” establishments on the island that vilate environmental and health regulations.

During a speech in Cebu City for the inauguration of the Malasakit Help Desk at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Pres. Duterte was quoted as saying “I will charge you with serious neglect of duty for making Boracay a sewer pool. Boracay from afar is beautiful [but] you swim in Boracay and you stink with shit,” the  President said referring to the environmental problems of Boracay.

Watch Pres. Duterte’s Speech Warning the Closure of Boracay:

The 72-year-old former Mayor of Davao City blamed the “local governments and the people” in Boracay for the environmental degradation of the 1,032-hectare island.

Pres. Duterte scolded the local executives of Boracay, “You allowed the building of structures overlapping the coastline and already reaching the sea, which is not really allowed,” he said.

“You allowed buildings constructed without proper sewer or sewage. That is yours. That’s you. You created a disaster there,” he said.

The President earlier ordered the DILG and the DENR to investigate the Boracay mess. Pres. Duterte also revealed that “All the hotels have no [sewage treatment]. Your water goes directly to the toilet, to the flush and to the water and then [you say it’s worth] billions,” he added.

Pres. Duterte also noted that he will not hesitate to close down Boracay permanently despite the billions of income from the tourism sectors.

“They say its earning millions … all structures there are worth billions. You know, I don’t give a shit. Either they will clean it up or I will close it permanently.” Pres. Duterte said.

Source: PNA

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