Raffy Alunan Expose: Mainstream Media’s Misleading News “Threat to Democracy” Report on Pres. Duterte

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Former DILG Secretary Rafael “Raffy” Alunan exposed another disinformation and misleading article by the mainstream media in the Philippines for the controversial article from the United States Intelligence Community about Pres. Rody Duterte.

Major news outlets in the country reported that Pres. Rody Duterte is a “threat to democracy” in Southeast Asia citing reports from the U.S. Intelligence Community, prepared by Daniel R. Coats, Director for National Intelligence, dated February 13, 2018.

Upon careful examination of the World Threat Assestment of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Raffy Alunan confirmed that there is “NOTHING” there that says or suggests in any way that Pres. Rody Dutere is a threat to democracy in the Southeast Asian region.

Alunan even posted the original documents about the assessment of the United States in the Philippines and in other parts of Asia. Despite the clear report of the U.S. Intel Community, major news outlets in the Philippines continue to release an article which was centered on the premise that Pres. Duterte is a “threat to democracy.”

Here’s the Complete Expose of Sir Raffy Alunan:


Well, here it is. I looked for the report – Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community – prepared by Daniel R. Coats, Director for National Intelligence, dated 13 February 2018. I copied the pertinent portion that referred to the region and to PRRD. The local headlines and published “report” is FAKE NEWS. There is NOTHING there that says or suggests in any way that PRRD is a threat to democracy in the SEA region.

Judge for yourself:

“Southeast Asia

Democracy and human rights in many Southeast Asian countries will remain fragile in 2018 as autocratic tendencies deepen in some regimes and rampant corruption and cronyism undermine democratic values. Countries in the region will struggle to preserve foreign policy autonomy in the face of Chinese economic and diplomatic coercion.

 Cambodian leader Hun Sen will repress democratic institutions and civil society, manipulate government and judicial institutions, and use patronage and political violence to guarantee his rule beyond the 2018 national election. Having alienated Western partners, Hun Sen will rely on Beijing’s political and financial support, drawing Cambodia closer to China as a result.

 The crisis resulting from the exodus of more than 600,000 Rohingyas from Burma to Bangladesh will threaten Burma’s fledgling democracy, increase the risk of violent extremism, and provide openings for Beijing to expand its influence.

 In the Philippines, President Duterte will continue to wage his signature campaign against drugs, corruption, and crime. Duterte has suggested he could suspend the Constitution, declare a “revolutionary government,” and impose nationwide martial law. His declaration of martial law in Mindanao, responding to the ISIS-inspired siege of Marawi City, has been extended through the end of 2018.

 Thailand’s leaders have pledged to hold elections in late 2018, but the new Constitution will institutionalize the military’s influence.”

Government should hunt down the bastards, here and abroad, who fed this to the mainstream media who, in turn, published it without verifying. There are appropriate legal mechanisms to teach all of them a neat lesson in responsible citizenship they’ll never forget till they breathe their last.

My apologies to the U.S. for letting off steam in defense of PRRD trusting that mainstream media verified the story beforehand. This only strengthens the belief that it can no longer be trusted as an independent non-partisan watchdog. They’re just dogs feeding on the bones doled out to them.

Source: DNI Gov Files / Raffy Alunan FB Page

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