Youth Leader Urge Duterte Admin to Remove Student Activists from List of Free Education Beneficiaries

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Ronald Candema, leader of the “Duterte Youth Movement” urged the Duterte administration to remove all students who love to join anti-government protests from their scholarship program list. The youth leader wanted the government to remove student activists because of their continued opposition against the policies of the government which funded their studies.

According to Duterte Youth leader Cardema, the militant students should be removed from the scholarship list because they’re prioritizing their advocacy than attending their classes. The Youth leader believed that the student militants especially those from UP were only wasting the people’s money.

The militant students who keeps on protesting against the government of Pres. Duterte should be removed from the scholarship list of the government because they’re prioritizing their advocacy than attending their classes.

President Duterte’s plan to replace the militant students from University of the Philippines with Lumad youth who doesn’t have funds to study is a correct decision of the chief executive. Ronald Cardema evan called the law enforcement agencies to arrest all the students who called to topple the current administration.

Aside from the Duterte Youth Movement headed by Ronald Cardema thousand of netizens also supported President Rody Duterte’s plan to the student militants particularly in the University of the Philippines.

Lawmakers such as Senators Sherwin Gatchalian and Richard Gordon also said that the students can do their advocacy after their classes.

Based upon government records, in 2014, the University of the Philippines received 11.312 billion pesos budget from the government and during President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, they implemented the ‘free tuition in all State Universities and Colleges’. However, it didn’t stop the student activists from organizing demonstrations against the government.

Source: Facebook / Radio Pilipinas

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