Atty. Rivera Expose: Diplomats & Consular Officials Grievances with DFA

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Popular social media personality and veteran lawyer, Atty. Bruce Rivera made another interesting expose on his social media account revealing problems inside the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) particularly from diplomats and consular officials from Kuwait.

According to Atty. Rivera, there were three old timer diplomats and consular officials made a direct contact with him to voice their grievances with the present DFA under the leadership of former Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. These diplomats and consular officials were sympathizers of Pres. Rody Duterte.

The diplomats involved wanted to asked help from Atty. Rivera, because they are afraid for fear of retaliation. These Filipino officials revealed three issues they wanted to clarify with the DFA.

The veteran lawyer posted the questions asked by the diplomats and consul officials because these are legitimate questions which the DFA should address, particularly the issue on the lack of fundings for Attention to Nationals or ATN.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Atty. Rivera:


After I posted about the faux pas in Kuwait, three old timer diplomats and consular officials made contact with me to voice out their grievances with the present DFA. Do not get me wrong, they are sympathizers of PRD. However, they have been asking me to ask the questions in their behalf because they are afraid for fear of retaliation. Yes, they know Cayetano and cohorts can be very vindictive.

FIRST ISSUE: Many career diplomats instinctually know it was unusual that video on the rescue in Kuwait was released. Apparently, there was pressure to release the videos according to Kuwaiti embassy insiders. Who pressured the release of the video?

SECOND ISSUE: When non-career officials of the DFA come to a state, the career diplomats who are posted there are forced to “deal” with fhe former. When these non-career officials engage in highly-politicized activities or commit infractions or diplomatic misgivings, they just leave the state and the one left behind to deal with it are the career diplomats. Hence, if you have non-career DFA officials who know NOTHING about diplomacy or even international finesse then we risk the embarassment of our career diplomats.

THIRD ISSUE: Why is there lack of ATN? Many consular posts (including prime posts) do NOT have funding for Attention To Nationals or ATN. These are funds requested by consular offices to help nationals in dire need. Usually, this is the budget to repatriate dead Filipinos or dying Filipinos back to the country. Diplomats are wondering why there is no funding for ATN when the DFA has money for the travel of many of its appointed non-career diplomats. In fact, DFA officials have more travels now than in past administrations.

Of course, we can ask the DFA for the records of travel. And travelling too much is not wrong if indeed it is to do a job. However, if there is more travelling but there are no ATN funds when usually there are funds available, then, clearly there is a problem.

I pose this question because the diplomats want me to ask it. And these are very legitimate questions which the DFA should address.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera
Martin Andanar

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera FB Page

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