Miriam’s Sister Lambasts VP Leni for Thinking that Chinese Bombers Landed at WPS

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Veteran international lawyer and prominent sister of the late Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack lambasted VP Leni Robredo for her statement thinking that the Chinese Bombes landed at the West Philippine Sea.

VP Leni Robredo released a statement to the media that says she was alarmed with “The conduct of China’s landing and takeoff exercises in the West Philippine Sea using their long-range bombers.”

An earlier version of VP Leni Robredo’s statement even included the words “Kalayaan Group of Islands,” the Filipino name for the Spratly Islands. VP Leni’s claimed is indeed contrary to what really transpired, the Chinese H6-K long-range bomber actually landed on Woody Island in the disputed Paracel Islands, which is quite far from the Philippines and is not claimed by our country.

Woody Island, where the bomber landed, is one of the Chinese-occupied archipelago claimed by three countries which include China, Vietnam and Taiwan. Meanwhile the label “West Philippine Sea,” is used by the Philippine government to refer only to the portion of the South China Sea covered by the country’s exclusive economic zone, including parts of the contested Spratlys.

The statement of VP Leni did not sit well with Miriam’s sister, Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack who noted that the “woman’s brain cannot retain the difference between an island (Woody) and the West Philippine Sea when reading the news.

Atty. Knack noted that VP Leni, definitely does not understand our territorial claims. She even called VP Leni Robredo having Plain LOW IQ, and it is indeed a nightmare.

Source: Atty. Paula Knack FB Page

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