Must Watch: VP Leni Speak Up Finally Defend Herself from Alleged Fake News (Video)

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The Vice President of the Philippines, Vice President Leni Robredo finally speak up and defend herself from bashers, particularly from those people who keeps on spreading some alleged fake news against her and her entire family.

In an exclusive interview with Jover Laurio, the operator of the Anti-Duterte FB Page, Pinoy Ako Blog, VP Leni Robredo stated that she is always at the receiving end of fake news and although at first she decided not to engaged with such issues, there are still people who believed on those reports, that’s why she decided to finally speak up for herself.

Watch the Exclusive Interview with VP Leni:

VP Leni Robredo denied the allegations thrown at her that she was allegedly responsible for the untimely death of her husband, the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. The Vice President noted that the said fake news agianst her is the saddest part of her life because there’s no reasons why she would let husband die, because she really loved the late Robredo.

The Vice President vehemently denied the allegations that she was married to leftist in her teens, although she admitted that she was married two times but with the same person, to her late husband Jesse Robredo.

On the allegations thrown at the Vice President that she has more than one boyfriend, months after her husband passed away, VP Leni explained and defend herself against the fake news on her alleged romantic relationships with different personalities. VP Leni noted that all the allegations about her having boyfriends were indeed fake news.

VP Leni Robredo was quoted as saying “Mula ng namatay ang asawa ko, hindi ako nagka-boyfriend, wala akong boyfriend at wala akong kabalak-balak mag-boyfriend.” VP Leni stated.

Source: Pinoy Ako Blog FB Page

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