Rep. Mangudadatu: “Philippines the Next Dubai” With the Discovery of Maguindanao Methane Gas (Video)

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Rep. Zajid “Dong” Mangudadatu, Congressman of the Second District of Maguindanao revealed in the latest interview with DZMM TeleRadyo that the Philippines could be the next Dubai with the discovery of the Maguindanao Methane Gas.

According to Rep. Mangudadatu, the estimated $1 Trillion possible reserve of the Maguindanao Methane Gas was made by his office after some experts made some studies of the discovery not only in Liguasan Marsh but also in Lake Buluan.

Watch the Video Report Posted by DZMM TeleRadyo:

Rep. Mangudatu noted that around three barangays were already given an improvised stove so that residents in Maguindanao could use the 24/7 supply of methane gas in the area for free. The lawmaker also stated that there’s a huge possibility that it’s not only methane gas that could be extracted from the area after some study conducted by experts.

Based on the study conducted by some experts around Liguasan Marsh and Lake Buluan, the area contains not only methane gas, Rep. Mangudadatu also noted that the first layer methane gas was discovered, in the second layer there’s a possible presence of oil and in the third and final layer is the coal presence, that’s the reasons why they estimated that there’s a possibility that the area contains at least $1 Trillion USD in terms of gas and oil reserve.

Rep. Mangudadatu also revealed that for the past five years the residents along Buluan Lake already used the methane gas for their daily consumption needs such as cooking, lighting ang other uses of the available methane gas.

The congressman also stated that the discovery of the Maguindanao Methane Gas available 24/7 is not only for the people of Mindanao but also for the entire Philippines.

The estimated trillions of dollars that could be extracted from Maguindanao was first announced by some experts from US and the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) in coordination with the LGUs and Haribon Foundation. The possible output of the Maguindanao Methane Gas could even pay for the country’s national debt according to the pronouncement of Rep. Zajid Mangudadatu.

Source: Dong Mangudadatu FB Page

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