PCOO Usec Badoy’s Brilliant Explanation About the TRAIN Law

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Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary (Usec) Lorraine Marie T. Badoy shared a brillitan explanation about the controversial TRAIN Law and the reasons why every Filipinos should know the importance of the law for the improvements of the country.

According to USec Badoy, the enemies of the Duterte administration are deathly afraid of TRAIN and its impending success. The critics were also afraid of TRAIN because it is one of the most powerful tools the Duterte administration has to push our country forward.

The critics also spread the outrageous lies to derail the projects of the Duterte administration particularly the Build Build Build Infrastructure Program of administration of Pres. Duterte. One of the most noxious lies presented by the critics is that “TRAIN is anti-poor.”

Usec Badoy noted that the Duterte admin has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and is set to create millions more under the leadership of Pres. Duterte. TRAIN will benefit 99% of Filipinos which will give more comfortable lives but the primary target beneficiaries are the poor.

Here’s the Complete Explanations of Usec Lorraine Badoy:

Here’s what I know for sure about TRAIN:

#1 The Enemies of this Administration are deathly afraid of TRAIN and its impending success.

#2. And they are afraid of it because TRAIN is one of the most powerful tools the Duterte Administration has to push our country forward.

#3 Therefore the most outrageous lies are being spread about it.

Think lies on the level of Sereno’s “27,000 dead because of Duterte’s drug war”.
Or “Duterte is a dictator, a butcher”.
Or “Ibagsak ang Rehimeng US-Duterte”.

Outrageous. Comical even—if they weren’t so dangerous.

These lies are repeated over and over and over because of course, as Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels believed, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

The most noxious of these lies is that TRAIN is anti-poor.


Already it has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and is set to create millions more. If our Enemies succeed in suspending TRAIN, just like that, one million Filipinos will lose their jobs.

That’s one million families in real danger of slipping back into poverty—hunger, despair, helplessness.

TRAIN will benefit 99% of Filipinos. Give them more comfortable lives.

But the PRIMARY target beneficiaries are the poor.

They’re one of the TOP reasons WHY this tax reform program was drawn up in the first place.

They stand to benefit the MOST with free education, a health care system that will take them in and care for them. It will provide for them homes that are fit for humans.

It will take MILLIONS out of poverty. Already it has.
Self rated poverty, according to independent surveys (SWS) has fallen to record lows.

So the battle for minds and hearts regarding this law that has the potential to move our country in powerful strides is raging.

Your weapon—OUR weapon is KNOWLEDGE.

KNOW this tax reform program so well that you cannot be lied to.

Find out why the President is asking that you help support this law that he pushed into existence and that will fund our country’s bright future..

Taxes have, historically been viewed as tools of oppression. But they are only this if the government you entrust your hard earned money to is corrupt.

It isn’t. For the first time it isn’t. Not 100% of course. But this is the cleanest we’ve been. Money will go to where we say it will go.

Or this President will kiss them (ay. May typo. LOL)

So, no not this time. Taxes aren’t tools of oppression under Pres Rodrigo Roa Duterte but tools of LIBERATION.

It will free us from shackles of severe poverty.
It will free us from weak societal structures that do not support our biggest, wildest dreams as a people.
It will free to be all we can be.

Thank you for your trust.
It is precious to us.
We will not waste it.

In a few minutes, Sec Mon Lopez of the DTI and Usecs and Asecs of the Economic Cluster will face the press and I shall post the live stream link to it.

If you have time, listen. I will be there.

Ako ang host. Babatiin ko kayo. Tapos, may song and dance ako. Just for you. LOL.

Thank you guys.


Source: Asec Lorraine Marie Badoy FB Page

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