Spox Harry Roque Burns GMA’s Joseph Morong for Misleading Questions During a Press Briefing (Video)

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International lawyer and Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque burned down GMA reporter Joseph Morong for his alleged misleading questions during the press briefing on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

The burning down of Joseph Morong by Spox Harry Roque happened at around 38:00 minutes in the video below wherein Morong tried to mislead the Presidential spokesperson on his line of questioning.

Watch How Spox Harry Roque Burned Down Joseph Morong:

Joseph Morong asked Spox Harry Roque by saying “Sir if I get your watch now against your will, that’s not harrassment?” Spox Roque answered by saying “No,” “Harrassment is different” Morong added further, “Stealing, perhaps?”

Spox Harry Roque explained by saying that “We’ve had experience under the Aquino administration, what happened, by way of harrassment, happened during the Aquino administration. They are allowed to fish, they are allowed to engage in their livelihood.” Roque said.

Morong asked further “Let’s qualify that allowed,” Roque stopped Morong by saying “No.” Spox Roque reiterated further “They are allowed to fish, no one is preventing them from fishing, they have said so, and let’s not put words in their mouth,” Roque stated.

Spox Roque also wondered who used the words “harrassment” and asked directly the fishermen if they said so, but they denied using the words used by most of the mainstream media outlets reporting about the events transpired at the Scarborough Shoal.

The spokesperson also stopped Joseph Morong from further questioning the fishermen present during the press briefing and asking Morong to stop using the briefing for his supposed documentary type of questioning.

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