Alleged MLM-Like Anti-Duterte Network Recruiting Members Expose on Social Media

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An alleged Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)-like network is now recruiting Anti-Duterte supporters to become members of their group in exchange for monetary compensation.

A conversation between two Anti-Duterte supporters were screen-captured and posted on social media showing how the Anti-Duterte recruit for supporters to their cause of maligning the Duterte administration.

A certain Facebook user identified as Rowena Aquino was recruiting members to join their team. The FB user instructed the new recruit to look for more Anti-Duterte Facebook user who is always online. They will pay P100 per head if you can recruit and P5,000 per month salary to qualified recruit.

The FB user recruiter was quoted as saying “Mag invite kalang ng mga anti duterte basta may fb at lagi may data. 100 per head pag may napapasok ka at 5K per month ok naba yun? Dapat maingat kayo gawa kayu ng dummy account.

The new recruit replied by saying “Ok na din maam lagi naman ako nag fb kahit 4hr a day pasok ba yun maam? Hanap pa ako maam maingat kasi ako mga close kulang pinag sabihan ko baka mag sumbong yung iba at mabuko tayo.” the ne recruit replied.

The recruiter also noted that “Wla yan madami na akong tao wala pa namang case yan. Padamihan kasi ng recruit to pag may na recruit yung nasa ilalim mo my 50 peso ka per head pag pair yan sila my 150 piso ka. Malaki kitaan dito.” the recruiter stated. The new recruit replied by saying “Kaya pala maam parang networking pala kasu wlang capital. Cge maam salamat sa opportunity malaking tulong to sa amin.” the new recruit stated.

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