Bobi Tiglao Expose: “With Its P100-Billion Wealth, Catholic Church Could Feed 1 Million Poor Filipinos Daily

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Veteran columnist and former Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus, Rigoberto “Bobi” Tiglao made another interesting expose as he revealed that with the P100-Billion Wealth of the Roman Catholic Church they can Feed 1 Million Filipinos Daily but the church doesn’t do it for some reasons.

According to Bobi Tiglao, one of the most shameful, and most hyprocritical, things about the Catholic Church in the Philippines, is this: That even as it keeps preaching to its flock to help the poor, the actual work it has done for this duty has really been marginal.

The veteran journalist exposed that, if Filipinos considers the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines is  estimated at P100 Billion, aside from the hundreds of millions of pesos it collects every Sunday in its churches, from its expensive schools catering for the elite, and from donations from the rich, especially from those at the twilight of their lives who think that with this they are buying their Visas for Heaven.

Bobi Tiglao also questioned the Church’s way of spending their blessings from the people, he asked why doesn’t the Church use a small parts of its wealth to feed the poor, with real food, and not just silly pious words.

The former Ambassador and veteran political analyst stated that the program to feed the poor isn’t complicated, and the Church has the infrastructure to do it: its parish churches, ubiquitous even in the poorest urban slum communities as well as its schools, both spread all over the archipelago. With its money and with the free labor it always manages to get, it can set up what’s called soup kitchens, maybe in our case lugaw centers, free for anybody who cares for it, at least every of its Sabbath day but ideally – and “doable” with its wealth – every single day of the year.

Bobi Tiglao even give a very accurate computation for the possible endeavor of the Church, which doesn’t even have to consume its assets, but only interest from these. A low 5 percent annual income on its P100 billion assets, will generate P5 billion every year. Divide that by the 365 days in a year and it will mean P14 million it can spend every day for soup kitchens.

Tiglao estimates that many poor Filipinos could be benefited with proposed program for the Catholic Chuch. With a P14 million budget, at just P15 per lugaw, that would mean 1 million Filipinos fed every single day of the year just by using the income of the church from its billions of assets.

To know more about the expose of Bobi Tiglao, just head on to the official website of the Manital Times by clicking on the link provided below.

Source: The Manila Times 

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