Jay Sonza Reveals Truth & Facts About the WPS Issue & The Reasons Why We Should Not Blame Pres. Duterte

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Veteran journalist and political analyst Jay Sonza explained the real issue or the truth and the fact  about the South China Sea issue involving the Philippines and our mighty neighbor China. The opposition keeps on blaming Pres. Duterte for the China mess but Sonza finally revealed on who should be blame with the issue.

According to Jay Sonza this is the first time that he will ever speak about the issue involving the West Philippine Sea or the South China Sea but he will only give the fact and the real truth about the issue.

Based upon the information gathered by Sonza, the reclamation of the islands in the Spratlys started during the middle of 2010-2016 as he noted that only Pres. Noynoy Aquino should be blame because he is the President during that period.

He also asked about the personalities behind the Foreign Affairs Department, no other DFA Sec. Albert Del Rosario, an appointee of Pres. Noynoy Aquino who decided not to interfere with the Chinese reclamations. Jay Sonza also revealed that it was Sen. Sonny Trillanes and Manny V. Pangilinan who were tasked by Pres. Aquino to make a back-channel talked representing the Philippines to the Chinese government.

Jay Sonza also asked on who were the people who filed a case against China in The Hague, while reclamation was ongoing, it’s no other than Associate Justice Antonio Carpio assisted by UP Professor Batongbacal and etc., and where did the sand used by China came from, Zambales and Cagayan Provinces, the incident happened during Noynoy Aquino’s term but right now the opposition are blaming Pres. Duterte for the China mess.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:

Ngayon lang ako magsasalita tungkol sa West Philippine Sea o South China Sea issue. THE FACT. THE TRUTH.

Nagsimula ang pagtayo ng mga structures at reclamation (tambak) ng mga isla sa Spratlys pagitan ng taong 2010 at 2016.

1. Sino ang pangulo ng republika ng pilipinas noong mga panahong iyon? Benigno Simeon Aquino III 

2. Sino ang foreign affairs secretary na pumayag na hindi gagalaw ang pilipinas para angkinin ang spratlys, matapos himukin ng amerika? DFA Sec. Albert Del Rosario (BSA III appointee)

3. Sino ang inatasan ni Pres. Aquino na makipagkasundo (makipagsabwatan) o backchanneling sa mga Tsino at sinong negosyante ang gumastos sa nasabing pamamaraan? Sen Antonio Trillanes IV at MVP.

4. Sino ang pasimuno ng pagsasampa ng kaso sa Hague, habang isinasagawa ng China ang reclamation at pagtatayo stractures? senior associate justice Antonio carpio (assisted by UP Prof, Batongbacal, etc.).

5. Saan galing o nagmula ang mga panambak (reclamation) na ginamit ng China? sa Pilipinas mula Zambales, Cagayan Provinces (dalawang bundok ang pinatag (2010-2016) at black sand smuggling.
6. sino ang sinisi ngayon sa isyu? si pangulong Rody Duterte 

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page / Photo Credit: Manila LiveWire

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