Jojo Robles Burns Cynthia Patag’s Comedy Asking COMELEC to Recognize the 25% Voting Threshold for VP Leni Robredo

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Veteran political analyst and prominent author Jojo Robles burned down Cynthia Patag’s comedy sho asked the Supreme Court to recognize VP Leni’s 25% voting threshold for the VP Race. Robles burned down Cynthia Patag by saying that Patag’s going to the Supreme Court just to attrack attention to herself is no longer humorous.

According to Jojo Robles, Cynthia Patag, who is sort of running joke herself on social media for her incredible, unwavering Yellowness, brought a letter to the high court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET). The letter of Patag asked the tribunal to implement the so-called 25-percent shading threshold for the ballots used in the 2016 elections.

Cynthia Patag warned that if PET would not allow the 25-percent voting threshold, PET would disenfranchise Robredo’s voters and violate its mandate to protect the Constitution.

In order to bolster the claim of Cynthia Patag, she also submitted a sheaf of papers several inches thick, which she said contained the signatures of 5,500 voters from Iloilo province, complete with their precinct numbers and other identifying data, who were also urging the PET to allow 25 percent shading of their ballots.

The PET, which has received at least three other such letters before from parties like Patag, who have no business filing such pleadings before it, merely said it “noted without action” the former actress’ letter. Which makes you wonder, after you’ve stopped laughing, what the point was of Patag’s trip to the high court in the first place.

Jojo Robles also noted that he don’t think Cynthia Patag has a comeback movie or TV show that she’s promoting, which is why she suddenly reappeared in public. And if at least one lawyer with any sense has been advising her, Robles thinks that Patag would not have gone to the court after being told that she has no standing in the case, since she is not a party to the protest between Robredo and former Sena. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

To know more about how Jojo Robles burned down Cynthia Patag, just head on to the official website of the The Manila Times with the link provided below.

Source: The Manila Times

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