Jojo Robles Lambasts Inquirer for Posting the Wrong Bello on their Article

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Veteran journalist and prominent political analyst lambasts one of the country’s leading news media outlet for another misleading article online by posting a photo of the wrong Bello on their latest article about the trust of the President to DOLE Secretary Bello.

Inquirer reported in one of its headlines “Duterte still trusts Bello amid corruption allegations – Palace.” Instead of posting the photo of DOLE Secretary Walden Bello, Inquirer posted former Akbayan Rep. Walden Bello in the article’s accompanying photo.

Jojo Robles lambasts Inquirer by saying “First, billonare.” Now, this. Talagang ayaw patalo ng mga propagandista ng dilaw sa propagandista ng palasyo. Kahit sa paramihan ng mali.” Robles stated.

The veteran journalist Robles was referring to the previous gaffe of the Philippine News Agency (PNA) for posting with wrong photos particularly the DOLE logo replaced a logo of the food company Dole. It was not only once that PNA committed mistakes but also in various articles which became headlines by various news media outlets.

Unlike the mistakes committed by Inquirer, there is none from the mainstream media who reported the mistakes committed by the news agency. Some netizens noted that it is indeed a biased move by newmainstream media in not reporting their fellows mistake but once the government media is involved, the mainstream media will surely make a feast out of it.

Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot also reacted in the said controversial photo posted by Inquirer by saying that “Kung si Mocha ang gumawa nito naghurimentado na ang mainstream media.”

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