Mocha Uson & Jojo Robles Burns VP Leni Robredo’s Explanations & “Palusot” of 40×4=1600 Mistake (Video)

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The Vice President of the Philippines, Vice President Leni Robredo couldn’t admit her mistake during a press conference about the 40×4=1,600 results, but instead of apologizing to the Filipino people, VP Leni explained her side which was burned down by veteran author Jojo Robles and Asec Mocha Uson.

VP Leni Robredo on her official Facebook Page explained about the controversial 1,600 results of her computation. VP Leni was quoted as saying “Haha. Here’s the context:”

“Was trying to compute how much a Filipino family spends for rice every month. The presumption is an average family consumes 10kilos of rice every week. So, if a kilo is now P40, then 10kilos x 4weeks in a month x P40/kilo = P1,600. Di na gets.” “Govt subsidy per poor family is only P200 per month.” VP Leni explained.

The explanation of VP Leni Robredo was turned down by Jojo Robles who replied by saying that “I’m just leaving this here, in the hope that Aling Leni realizes that no one appears more competent than refusing to admita mistake. Go to the video. She didn’t say P40 per filo. She said P4 increase per kilo. Palusot ka pa. 4x10x4 pa din. At incompetent pa din.” Robles stated.

Mocha Uson also commented by saying “Palusot pa si Aling Leni. Mam mahirap po bang mag sabi ng sorry pag nagkamali? Turuan ko po kayo dahil nagkakamali din po ako, simpleng po- S-O-R-R-Y”

Watch the Controversial Video Below and You Will Realize the Math Skills of VP Leni:

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