Must Watch: Mayor Estrada’s “Staged Clean-up” Exposed by the Mainstream Media Resurfaced Anew

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Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada made headlines anew on social media after a controversial video of him together with the media were seen during a “staged clean-up” of the Manila Bay which is indeed a clear indications that his clean-up advocacies were just part of a photo-ops.

The controversial viral video was posted on July 22 last year but it resurfaced anew during the past few hours.

Watch the Controversial “Staged Clean-up” of Mayor Estrada:

The video showed Mayor Erap Estrada riding a small boat on his way for an extensive clean-up drive but instead of going to the area where there’s a lot of garbage, an unexpected event was caught by the cameras of ABS-CBN.

One of an alleged resident and probably part of the Manila government disposed some garbage into the waters which was then collected by the small boat where the Mayor riding for a clear photo opportunity. The staged clean-up headed by Mayor Estrada was caught on camera, so the reporter reacted with what she saw.

The reporter asked “My God is that a joke? Is that a joke? she stated. The lady who brought and threw the garbage into the waters where the camp of Mayor Erap was waiting just answered by saying “Hindi po,” as she explained that the garbages she dump will be picked up the boat where Mayor Estrada was riding.

Some divers were also caught on camera helping to distribute the garbage and move it closer to the boat where the group of Mayor Estrada was waiting for pick up.

When asked by the reporter if the Manila Mayor was  aware with what his men were doing, Mayor Estrada responded by saying “Of course, for publicity only , but we are dead serious in cleaning the Manila Bay.” Mayor Erap responded.

Here’s Some of the Controversial Reactions on the Said Staged Clean-up of Mayor Estrada:


Robert Gallo Oracion This is how politics in our government rotten….Polpol….what the f***….

Joel Vasquez: Actors and comedians – these is how your politicians clean up their cities..

Jakck Daniel Hahaha dyan kana makakastigu ni digong… baka tutuhanin na nya na ibalik ka nya sa kulungan…

Raquel Dankin Artista talaga kayo puro plastic naku po kaya nalubog na ang pinas sa kagaguhan nyo

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