Must Watch: IT Expert Burns COMELEC & Smartmatic Face to Face for Alleged Cheating in National Elections (Video)

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The opposition and other operators who are afraid of Atty. Glenn Chong to make a follow up expose for the alleged Election Fraud failed miserably after an IT Expert burned down COMELEC and Smartmatic face to face during the second hearing. The said IT expert was identified as Edmundo Casiño, head of the Philippine Computer Society.

The Philippine Computer Society is considered as one of the largest IT Expert group in the Philippines with more than 1,000,500 IT professionals, he was given the chance to speak and burned down all the politicians, Smartmatic and COMELEC during the Second Joint Congressional Hearing on Electoral Fraud.

Edmundo Casiño mentioned during his speech that what happened in the case of former Senator Bongbong Marcos was direct tampering and the counting should have been stopped when COMELEC notice that there was an insertion of “ñ” happening in the middle of the live production run.

Watch How the IT Expert Burned Down COMELEC & Smartmatic:

The veteran IT expert noted further that the final results of the Vice Presidential race should been the outcome of the counting before the tampering happened in the middle of counting.

Edmundo Casiño couldn’t stop himself from saying whatever on his mind about what he felt about what is going on during the said joint Congressional Hearing.

The IT Expert was quoted as saying “I’m sorry but this thing is… we’re looking like fools in this body. We are experts in this field. We represent among ourselves 1,000,500 IT professionals in the country. We know our business and we know our trade.” Edmundo Casiño stated.

The veteran IT expert lambasted also those people and people and politicians who are attending the event with limited know-how. He was quoted as saying “And the rest of the people here act as if they know what they’re talking about. And the problem is that they don’t know what they are talking about. They are just being led by this vendor, a foreigner, for that matter whose nationality is not even a Filipino,” Edmundo Casiño said.

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