Must Watch: Bacolod City Councilor Kalaw Puentebella Punches Fellow Councilor Dindo Ramos (Video)

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Bacolod City councilor Kalaw Puentevella made headlines on social media after he punched fellow Bacolod City councilor Dindo Ramos during the Regular Session of the Sangguniang Panglungsod of The City of Smile, Bacolod City.

The punching incident involving the Bacolod City councilors happened during the 115th Regular Session of the City Council wherein they discussed the plans to authorize City Mayor Evelio Leonardia to sign the contract between the City Government of Bacolod and IPM Construction and Development Corporation for the construction of cell number 2 of the sanitary landfill located at Barangay Felisa due to fact that the cell number 1 was already filled and could no longer be used by the City.

Watch How Councilor Puentevella Punches Councilor Ramos:

The heated conversation between Councilor Kalaw Puentebella and Councilor Dindo Ramos started when Puentebella questioned Ramos about the date on when did the said contract was released to Ramos.

Councilor Ramos responded by saying that no matter what time he got the contract he is willing to answer the questions presented to him by the resource speaker which came from the representatives of the IPM Construction.

Councilor Puentevella questioned the documents presented by Ramos because Puentevella noted that they got the documents in the afternoon and they were not aware that the contract will authorize the Mayor to sign the contract, this time around a heated arguments ensued between the two City councilors. With the heated conversation, Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran, the presiding officer decided to make a recess.

Both Puentebella and Ramos stand up and meet at the center of the session hall, unexpectedly Councilor Puenteballa throw a solid right punch against the face of Councilor Ramos, luckily the other councilors responded to the commotion and was able to facify Fuentebella and Ramos.

Due to the gestures made by Councilor Puentevella, Bacolod City Majority Floor Ceasar Distrito to expel Fuentebella from the session hall. In the ensuing voting proceedings, only councilors Ricardo Tan and Wilson Gamboa Jr. said No and Councilor Sonia Verdeflor abstain.

According to the City Health Office who examined Councilor Ramos, his blood pressure went as high as 220 over 92 while in an interview with Bombo Radyo, Councilor Ramos noted that he will surely file a case against Councilor Puentevella.

Source: Bombo Radyo Bacolod

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