Pres. Duterte: Gazmin Committed Usurpation of Authority for Approving Trillanes’ Amnesty (Video)

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President Rody Duterte revealed during a press briefing upon his arrival from Israel and Jordan that former Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin allegedly committed Usurpation of Authority when he approved the amnesty application of Sen. Antonio Trillanes which was in the first place he was one of those who recommended.

According to the revelations made by Pres. Duterte, former Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin under the administration of Pres. Noynoy Aquino committed usurpation of authority when he approved amnesty for now-senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Watch How Pres. Duterte Accused Gazmin of Committing Usurpation of Authority:

The accusations of Pres. Duterte against Gazmin was due to the fact that the DND Secretary was also the one who conducted an investigation and recommended that a general amnesty be given in the first place.

The very first President from Mindanao was quoted as saying “Siya mismo ang nag-grant, Siya ang nag-recommend, eh bakit ka pa mag-recommend? Kung ikaw lang pala ang pipirma eh ‘di diretso ka na,” Duterte stated.

Pres. Duterte stated that he would not have signed Proclamation No. 572 if he did not believe there was no basis for declaring the amnesty granted to Trillanes for the Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Peninsula siege void ab initio.

The proclamation signed by Pres. Duterte before he left fo a state visit to Israel and Jordan, had cited as bases for the declaration Trillanes’ alleged failure to file an official form of application and a certification from the military that said there was no available copy of such application.

The proclamation also noted that Trillanes did not make an express admission of the crimes committed.

Source: EagleNews / YouTube

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