Sen. Lacson Slams Trillanes: “He is Not Solely Responsible for Bills Benefiting Military”

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One of the country’s most prominent lawmaker, Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson slammed Sen. Antonio Trillanes fo claiming that he was the one responsible for the benefits given to the military. Sen. Ping Lacson said that Trillanes cannot claim sole responsibility for the passage of all the measures that the latter claimed to have authored for the benefit of the AFP, as well as police and other uniformed personnel.

In an official statement released to the media, Sen. Ping Lacson stressed that measures providing for the Armed Forces Modernization are the work of the Senate as an institution representing the people.

Sen. Lacson was quoted as saying “The passage of such laws benefiting the AFP is not just a matter of authoring bills, but also taking part in other stages, including holding committee hearings and sponsoring the measure,” he said.

The statement of the former PNP Chief, Sen. Lacson made the statement after Trillanes released a list of laws and rpojects for the military and the police, which the oppositon lawmaker said he authored. Sen. Trillanes released a list on Sunday some of his achievements as a lawmaker, in an effort to belie Pres. Duterte’s allegations that he did nothing for them.

Sen. Lacson particularly cited the Revised AFP Modernization Act (Republic Act No. 10349), which he stressed stemmed not only from the efforts of Trillanes, but of Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto and him as well. Aside from authoring a separate bill that was consolidated into the Act, the veteran lawmaker also sponsored and defended the measure on the Senate floor.

Aside from the Revised AFP Modernization Act, the member of Philippine Military Academy Class 1971 also presided over several committee hearings on the matter, along with Senator Gregorio Honasan II.

On the other hand, Joint Resolution No. 1, which took effect this January and raised the salaries of military and uniformed personnel, was the result of similar efforts by Honasan, the principal sponsor of the measure; Lacson, the co-author; and Senators Aquilino Pimentel III and Cynthia Villar.

The veteran lawmakers, Sen. Ping Lacson also reminded state security forces that despite all the measures passed for their benefit, their allegiance is to the Philippine Constitution and to the Filipino people.

“More than who authored the bills, the members of the AFP can best show their appreciation by serving the country and the Filipino people,” the senator said.

Source: PNA

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