Watch: Pres. Duterte Warns Barangay Captains Not to Get Into Illegal Drugs or Else Something Will Happen

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President Rody Duterte issued a stern warning anew against the Barangay Captains and Mayors from different parts of the country, not to get involved in illegal drugs or else something will happen to them.

Pres. Duterte was quoted as saying “Yung mga Barangay Captains, they are the basic, once bumigay itong Barangay Captain sa droga sa kriminality or begins to hurdle criminals there, roaming around the provinces, and yong iba, pumunta ng droga, naging bata-bata ng Mayor, droga rin. Marami yan sila at marami rin silang patay. Putang ina n’yo, sinabi ko na sa inyo.” the President stated.

The tough-talking President revealed also that they called for an audience with the City and Municipal Mayors in Malacanang. They were invited in a total of three sets, the governors were also invited in one session as he noted that although he is just a Mayor before, and it seems that he is talking like somebody that instill fears to the LGU’s but Duterte noted that there’s really a need to do it because there’s a lot of the LGUs are into it or involved in illegal drugs.

Watch the Viral Warning of Pres. Duterte to Brgy. Captains:

Pres. Duterte reiterated his warning by issuing vindictives against the members of the Local Government Units whom he did not name during the meeting but noted that he already have some information regarding them provided by the intelligence community.

The President also admitted that for those members of the LGUs who did not listen to his stern warnings not to get involved in the illegal drugs were indeed no longer in service, died or some were incarcerated. It’s no longer his fault according to the President because he already issued a warning before.

The very first President from Mindanao, Pres. Duterte also revealed during the said speech inside the Palace that the illegal drug trades in the Philippines is now operated by the Bamboo Triad Gang of Asia, there is no more laboratory here in the Philippines or if ever there’s still an existing one, he is sure it is limited in number.

The reasons why the Bamboo Triad syndicate no longer operate in the country because they knew that the President will really kill them through his men from the AFP and the PNP.

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