DDS Netizen Exposed an Alleged Coup Plotters Offering Bribes to AFP Personnel to Oust Pres. Duterte

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A viral expose is now circulating on social media exposing the alleged plans of some individuals planning to launch a coup de etat by bribing some top officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines but the AFP declined.

According to concerned netizen Rey Jimenez on his post on social media, he received an urgent message to everybody. The message allegedly came from an intelligence group as he revealed the offered presented by the coup plotters to some top officials of the AFP.

Based upon the information presented on social media, the coup plotters offered the following price tags for those who wanted to join their cause of ousting Pres. Duterte through armed struggle.

Here’s the Price Tags of the Coup Plotters:

Each General – P1 Million
Pilot and Fighter Aircraft – P500K
Each Senior Officer – P500K
Each Junior Officer – P300K
Each (Enlisted Men) – P200K

There’s is also a bonus if the coup de etat wins in favor of the plotters, all officers will received P500K while enlisted men will receive P300K each.

The information also revealed the alleged participation of some personlities such as former Pres. Fidel Ramos, Sen. Franklin Drilon, former Pres. Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas and Sen. Trillanes.

Despite the huge monetary offers from the coup plotters, the AFP declined to join the movement to oust Pres. Duterte because they knew that they will not succeed against Pres. Duterte who is well-loved by Filipinos.

Here’s the Complete Expose of Rey Jimenez:

from Messenger:

I just received a message from a friend,
from Intelligence group daw ito !!!
How True Is it? I hope, is not True.
Huwag sana mangyari ito.
SIno sa palagay ninyo ang gumagawa nito?
SIno ang may pera sa palagay ninyo?
Cojuangco, Loida Nicolas Lewis assisted by Trillanes, Delima and some Yellowtards??? Ito ba ang dahilan ng pagpunta nila sa America??
Please be VIGILANT and be guided.
— — —
Nag OFFER daw ang mga Coup de etat plotters ng SUHOL. to all :
Pilot and Fighter Aircraft – P500K
Each General – P1M
Each Senior Officer – P500K
Each Junior Officer – P300K
Each (Enlisted Men) – P200K
Plus BONUS kapag nanalo:
All Officers – P500K
Enlisted Men – P300K
( Magic 5 na sinasabi dito ay sina RAMOS, DRILLON, PNOY, ROXAS and TRILLANES. Sen. Lacson is not included but the other Gen Lacson of Reg.8.)

Ang Tanong: Tinanggap ba ng AFP?
AFP turned it down because it was too small amount for them to fight PRES. DUTERTE and the Phil Constitution. If Plotters will offer P5M – P10M EACH, maybe they would GRAB the offer BUT for now NOBODY wants to BUY IT.

Alam na rin daw ito ng mga MNLF, MILF, CPP NPA.
Ngayon kung pumayag ang AFP, madugo ito.
Kawawa na ang Pilipinas.
AFP you pledged to defend our Constitution.
Please do not be blinded by the fools.
Huwag kayong magpadala sa mga Emissary of Satan.
Hindi naman kayo pinabayaan ni Pres. Duterte.
Mahal kayo ng Pangulong Duterte.
Mahal tayong lahat ng Pangulong Duterte.

Please SHARE this message to everyone.
Totoo man o Hindi, this is a sort of REMINDER to all our AFP MEN. Thank You.

The Magic FIVE!!!

Source: Rey Jimenez FB Page

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