Watch: Netizens Lauded Lea Salonga for Brilliant Thoughts on Inflation “Are We Complaining During Aquino or Only Now”

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Lea Salonga made headlines on social media after her interview went viral in the social media sphere particularly among the supporters of Pres. Duterte for her unbiased and brilliant thoughts about inflation.

In an interview with some members of the media and the video posted by MJ Marfori on YouTube, Lea Salonga shared her thoughts about the problems faced by the Duterte administration today, particularly the increasing prices of basic goods and commodities which was blamed to the country’s higher inflation rate.

During the said interview some members of the entertainment press asked Salonga about politics, especially about the inflation topics, as the reporters also wanted to know if the world-renowned artist was also affected by the current inflation problem.

Watch the Statement of Lea Salonga About Inflation:

According to the brilliant statement of Lea Salonga, she also don’t to see her utility bills and grocery spending to increase. However, she’s also wondering why some Filipinos are so being angry in the increasing prices of goods and commodities.

Lea Salonga believes in the idea that Filipinos who were angry with Duterte administration because of the increasing prices, should look first if the inflation problem only happened under Pres. Duterte’s watch or it already happened in the past.

The singer-actress then made one of her biggest contributions to silenced Duterte’s critics by saying that the Filipinos should ask themselves if the inlation happened during the past administrations, why they didn’t express their anger before.

Lea Salonga was quoted as saying “We are affected to the point where there are certain goods and services that we buy that are affected, I mean that I don’t like to see my electric bill go up, I don’t like it when the price of vegetables, I mean we buy locally grown produce and when you see price has changed, is it like ‘why?'” said Salonga.

“And then you wonder, you gotta wonder.. it is if we’re angry about this, we have to see if it’s happened in previous administrations before and if we got angry then too… And if it happened before and didn’t get angry then we might examine why that is,” she added.

Source: YouTube MJ Marfori

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