Atty. Jesus Falcis Slams Kris Aquino: “Mahiya Ka Sa Balat Mong Urticaria Prone”

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Atty. Jesus “Jess” Falcis III, the controversial Pro-Yellow blogger and prominent lawyer continued his word war against one of the country’s most famous celebrity endorser Kris Aquino as he slammed the actress accusing Kris Aquino as a “liar” and should be ashamed of herself.

As part of Atty. Falcis answers to Kris Aquino he denied the allegations thrown by Kris against his brother and former manager Nicardo “Nicko” Falcis who was accused by Aquino of qualified theft.

In defense of Atty. Jesus Falcis’ brother, the veteran lawyer posted a copy of the credit card billing of Kris Aquino and a brief explanations about what really happened with the huge cash being stashed from the credit card of Aquino.

According to the veteran lawyer, his brother Nicko Falcis did used the credit card of Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP) for no reasons because the expenses were really incurred by Aquino’s entourage during their international tours.

Kris Aquino already filed qualified theft against Nicko Falcis, who is currently out of the country.

Atty. Falcis noted on his Instagram post that Kris Aquino is a liar for claiming that the credit card charges were unauthorized personal expenses of his brother because Kris brought 10-20 people as her entourage, therefore it should be shouldered by the company of Kris and not by Nicko Falcis.

Here’s the Complete Expose of Atty. Jesus Falcis:

“Kris the liar says the credit card charges were unathourized personal expenses of my brother.

Personal expense pala ng kapatid ko ang Cathay Pacific flight mo and pag stay mo sa Marco Polo Hotel, Ms. Aquino? Pati entourage mo personal expense ng Kuya ko?

Grabe ka naman ikaw ang gusto magsama ng 10-20 people tapos gastos pala ng Kuya ko yun? Sagot pala nya si Alvin, Bincai, Jack, at iba pa??? Haha si Kuya na pala boss nila!

P.S. Sa mga feeling omniscient, 3 lang ang sponsored ng Cathay – si Kris, Josh, and Bimb – under their contract.

Mahiya ka sa balat mong urticaria prone na alam mo na meron ka even before ka nag Singapore!”

Source: Atty. Jesus Falcis Instagram

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