Mark Lopez Burns Jim Paredes Anew Over the Dengvaxia Controversy

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Veteran radio host and prominent social media blogger Mark Lopez burned down Jim Paredes anew over his recent statements against Pres. Rody Duterte and PAO Chief Atty. Persida Acosta.

Jim Paredes made headlines on social media not because of his statements against the controversial Dengvaxia issue but because of the fact that he was burned down by Mark Lopez on Twitter.

Jim Paredes posted the following statement on Twitter:

“Persida has said that she received orders from Duterte to connect deaths by dengue to Dengvaxia and blame the former admin. Nevermind if there was no proof. Just F****** POLITICIZE IT. This is your historical legacy. That’s what you get for being so weak to resist a lie.”

The statement of Jim Paredes caught the attentions of blogger Mark Lopez who burned down the alleged Australian citizen on social media.

Mark Lopez burned Paredes by reminding the former APO Hiking Society member the real issue about Dengvaxia.

“Tingnan mo talaga ang kawalanghiyaan nitong Paredes na ito… Ang utos eh ayusin ang kaso na dapat malinaw na malinaw na dahil sa Dengvaxia aya namatay ang mga bata. Ang gagong namulitika ang inutil na si Noynoy na minadali ang vaccination program dahil sa eleksyon! Tarantado!”

On Facebook, Mark Lopez also posted the following statement: “Puede bang isama itog si Jim Paredes sa Dengvaxia scandal investigation? Tingin ko malaki pakinabang nito dun sa perang nakurakot eh kaya panay ang ingay.” Lopez stated.

Netizens also echoed the statement of Mark Lopez as they lambasted Jim Paredes anew on social media for his controversial statement against PAO and the Duterte administration.

Here’s Some of the Most Popular Comments Posted Against Jim Paredes:

Mary Ann Sanchez Nagsalita yung may kapamilya na involved sa light a fire movement.

Peter Regalado Lopez Lupet, in 140 characters! Including the invective at the end with the appropriate exclamation point.

Meg Bama On how they twist the issue of Dengvaxia is pure stupidity! Paredes really think all Filipinos are as dense as he is… #tangalang #syetdapwet

Ryan Santos RL Pls. mention Dr. Teddy Herbosa and Dr. Tony Leachon on twitter, so that they can school Jim Paredes.

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