Netizen Reveals the Reasons Why the Media & Opposition Can’t Get Over With Pres. Duterte’s Power Nap

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Netizens took to social media as they defended Pres. Rody Duterte for his well-publicized power nap during the ASEAN Summit held in Singapore, receiving criticisms from Anti-Duterte forces and the opposition but there’s something significant on how the mainstream media twists the news and the reasons why they can’t get over with Pres. Rody Duterte’s power nap.

According to Adolfo Mortera the immature and irresponsible Philippine opposition and media can’t get over with what Pres. Duterte did during the ASEAN Summit 2018.

The veteran social media blogger stated that it was only recently when mainstream media fussed over Pres. Duterte’s visit to Israel and other events wherein the oppositions keeps on looking for Pres. Duterte’s shortcomings.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Adolfo Mortera:


It was only recently when mainstream media fussed over President Duterte’s visit to Israel. Jumping on speculations from Trillanes that PRRD went to Israel for medical treatment due to his relaxed schedule, reporters and talk shows discussed at length the President’s skin discoloration, seemingly gloating that the President could be dying – the apparent message being the fake VP, their savior, should be ready to take over.

Upon arrival from Israel, the President announced the result of his medical tests at St. Lukes: he is fit enough to govern till 2022!

Media again went to town a few days ago, fussing over the President’s power nap during the Asean summit in SG. It’s a big problem, Trillanes, Drilon, et al said.

And just today, GMAnews and the usual Inquirer quack reporters featured Malaysia PM Mahathir’s statement that he never misses meetings – to convey the message that since PRRD skipped meetings, Mahathir is the better leader!

Both Mahathir and Duterte are great leaders but both have different management styles.

73-year old Duterte is into his third year as President, and this early he has shown concrete achievements in infrastructure, peace and order, environment protection, and some gains for the economy and in employment generation.

92-year old Mahathir has led Malaysia to what it is today: one of the world’s strong economies.

Mahathir is known for his autocratic management style, ensuring that his span of control is full circle across all areas affecting his country.

It’s no wonder he attends all meetings, as he did in the Asean summit in Singapore.

President Duterte uses both autocratic and participative management styles. He is autocratic on matters related to peace and order, and joins the troops whenever and wherever necessary. He is the first president to visit all military camps and terrorist strongholds in only 2 years of his presidency!

Source: Adolfo Mortera FB Page

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