Pres. Duterte’s Orders Customs Officers to Report to Malacanang as their Office

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The tough-talking President of the Philippines, President Rody Duterte slammed all officials of the Bureau of Customs as he ordered a military take over of the BOC, which is considered as the most corrupt government agency in the country. Pres. Duterte also ordered all BOC officers to report to Malacanang and used it as their main office.

During a speech, Pres. Rody Duterte was quoted as saying “The Customs Intelligence Unit, they are requested to report to Malacanang and all of them. I am ordering everybody to report to my office, maybe I’ll issued a memorandum, yeah, I have yet to sign it.” Pres. Duterte stated.

The President added further that “They will hold office there at the Malacanang Gymnasium. Lahat, so, I told Jagger to take the, technical ahh, soldiers dyan sa Armed FOrces, maybe the technical group of the Philippine Army, the technical group of the Philippine Navy and of the Philippine Air Force.”

Watch How Pres. Duterte Orders BOC Officials to Report to Malacanang:

“And there will be about three signatures before a container will eventually be decared out of Customs control. So there will be three to six eyes there, and they must sign that, it would be a Navy or a Coast Guard something like that.” Duterte stated.

The former Mayor of Davao City also noted during the said speech that all Customs personnel with positions will be in a floating status as they will be replaced by military. men.

The President was quoted saying “It will be a take over of the Armed Forces in the matter of operating, in the meantime, while we are sorting out how to effectively meet the challenges of corruption in this country.” Pres. Duterte stated.

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