Mocha Uson Expose the Truth Behind CPP-NPA-NDF & Their 5 Monumental Crimes

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Former PCOO ASec Mocha Uson shared an expose about the truth behind the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) as she encouraged also to stop funding the CPP-NPA-NDF partylists in 2019.

In a video presentation by Sambayanan, they exposed the five monumental crimes in a five decades of existence of the Communist Party of the Philippines. They are allegedly responsible for murder, deception, insighting to sedition, and rebellion revealing the truth behind the case of Plaza Miranda Bombing and the First Quarter Storm.

One of the CPP Founding Father, Ruben Gueverra admitted that the Miranda Bombing was just part of the series of campaign the CPP dubbed “Oplan Big Leap Forward.”

Watch the Complete Expose Video Shared by Mocha Uson:

Bishop Nilo Tayag, another founding father of the CPP also admited that his group was tasked to organize the youth and students bureau of the CPP, alongside Joma Sison. They organized the PKP, HMB, and DA. Under that they were able to formed the Kabataang Makabayan, which became the background of the formation of the controversial First Quarter Storm.

The First Quarter Storm organized mostly by the youths during that time aimed to attacked Malacanang Palace after some series of youth rallies conducted in different parts of Metro Manila.

According to Ruben Guevarra, Head of the CPP Military  Commission and member of the CPP Central Committee during the 60’s and 70’s stated that based on his experience, he saw that this was not the solution.

Gueverra who is one of the CPP Founding Fathers stated that they don’t have their own ideology, the Filipino ideology. He noted that “It is our nature to believe in God, and we considered family as basis of everything-these were all shattered with the communist ideology.

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