Must Watch: Atty. Glenn Chong Reveals the Two (2) Suspects Who Allegedly Plans to Kill Him (Video)

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Veteran lawyer and prominent whistleblower of the alleged election fraud in the Philippines, Atty. Glenn Chong revealed the two suspects who allegedly planned to kill him or trying to silenced him and his cause of exposing the COMELEC-Smartmatic syndicate.

According to Atty. Glenn Chong there is no other person who could be suspect on trying to silenced him, not his political rival but only the COMELEC and Smartmatic riding in tandem whom he accused of orchestrating election fraud in the country.

The veteran lawyer suspected the Smartmatic to be behind the operations of silencing his cause, because the company has the money and the capacity to do that, especially the leaders of the company.

Watch the Viral Video of Atty. Glenn Chong:

Atty. Chong noted that “looking at the operation, tatlong baril ang dineposito doon, ganito ka-elaborate and plano, it was funded, a well-funded operation. Kasi takot sila sa pagtakbo ko.” Atty. Chong stated.

The prominent lawyer and whistleblower also revealed that before the death of his bodyguard Richard Santillan, he posted a photo with some supporters and added the following caption: “Kapag nagpatuloy ito, tiyak babagsak ang sindikato… so that’s what they are afraid of.”

Atty. Chong that his capacity to touch the hearts of the people and to turn their hearts to listen to him and act on his message. The lawyer noted “Yan ang kinatatakutan nila! What kung manalong senador si Glenn Chong? Tiyak matatanggal ang Smartmatic!”

Source: Atty. Glenn Chong FB Page

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