Nicanor Faeldon’s Son Tested Negative for Drug Use After Being Arrested

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The controversial son of Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Chief Nicanor Faeldon has tested negative for drug use after being arrested in a drug raid in Naga City. Based on urine samples, he was found negative for the presence of shabu and cannabis.

According to CNN Philippines, the urine samples taken from the 31-year-old Nicanor Faeldon Jr., were found negative in the said drug test while his companions who were arrested in a house on Friday morning were tested positive for both drugs.

The younger Faeldon’s companion were identified as Russel Lanuzo, Allan Valdez and Manuel Nebres. On Friday, the police went inside the house to serve a search warrant for possession of illegal drugs on Lanuzo and found the younger Faeldon there. Seven plastic sachets containing suspected shabu were recovered.

Although Faeldon was already tested negative, he may still face a case for visiting the suspected drug den, which is a bailable case.

His negative test results may now spare him from heavier punishment not just from the law, but from his father, who pledged to resign as BuCor Chief and will no longer hunt him down, if the drug charges are proven.

In a separate interview with the media, Faeldon said he knew his son did not use drugs, adding that he “would be very surprised,” if the drug tests said otherwise. He said he still won’t help his son face any possible case and would leave it to the authorities.

BuCor Chief Faeldon was quoted as saying “I have no intention of contacting him or neither providing him any assistance,” Faeldon said. “If he’s innocent, then soon he will be out.”

He explained that Nicanor Faeldon Jr. was visiting Lanuzo’s daughter, who is his son’s girlfriend for the past four years.

Faeldon said he last talked to his son six months ago, when the latter asked for permission to study and live with his girlfriend in Naga City.

Source: CNN Philippines / PNA

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