Victim of Joaquin Montes in Ateneo Bullying Video Requires Surgery After Suffering Worse Injuries

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An unconfirmed report is now spreading on social media, particularly in the Facebook Group, Atenista, where a concerned netizen revealed that the victim of Ateneo Taekwondo champ Joaquin Montes, suffered worse injuries and required surgery to heal the wounds allegedly inflicted by the Ateneo bully.

According to Hermenegildo Dumlao II, the victim is now in the hospital suffering multiple nose fractures and requires surgery. The incident happened two days ago acording to the victim but he apparently hid the incident from his parents because of fear.

Before the viral bullying video spreads like wildfire on social media, the victim explains to his parents that the injuries he suffered was part of a basketball accident.

But because the viral video came out on social media, it was only recently that the victim and his parents decided to undergo a general check-up at the hospital.

Dumlao explained that he posted the updates on social media so that the members of Atenista might get a picture of deeper physical damage suffered by the victim. Now there is also emotional and psychological damage, Dumlao explained.

Prominent blogger and radio host Mark Lopez echoed the statement of the concerned netizen regarding the status Joaquin Montes victim in the Ateneo bullying video.

According to Mark Lopez he can’t imagine the physical and mental pain suffering this poor child had to go through, because someone his age played God of dignity.

Here’s the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

Here is an unverified update of Joaquin Montes’ assault victim…

Can’t imagine the physical and mental pain and suffering this poor child had to go through, because someone his age played God of dignity.

I do not wish this to anyone, and this is more than what a parent can bear.

Joaquin Montes represents humanity at its worst, and his own parents, and his school has failed him miserably….


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