Atty. Larry Gadon Expose the Alleged P300,000 Payment to be Included in the SWS & Pulse Asia Survey (Video)

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Senatorial candidate Atty. Larry Gadon exposed the alleged P300,000 payment needed if somebody wanted to be included in the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia survey.

The expose of Atty. Larry Gadon was made public during the past few days after the controversial lawyer filed a petition against SWS and Pulse Asia to discontinue publishing survey results regarding the elections.

When asked by the media the reasons why it is only now that he filed a petition against SWS and Pulse Asia, the veteran lawyer explained that he could no longer keep silent on the said issue.

Watch the Video of Atty. Larry Gadon:

Atty. Gadon also alleged that the SWS and Pulse Asia supported the 2016 national election because of the fact that whatever the results of the survey, it coincides with results of the election.

The veteran lawyer explained that it is indeed considered as Filipino traits that whatever is the results of the survey made by SWS and Pulse Asia, it will surely sway some voters to vote for the 12 senatorial bets.

The 1,800 samples used by Pulse Asia and SWS should not be the basis of every Filipino which is now around 55 million, as one of the signals that they will vote for the Top 12 candidates in the SWS and Pulse Asia survey.

Based upon the information gathered by Atty. Larry Gadon, the SWS and Pulse Asia survey were allegedly paid by the top 12 senatorial candidates. At least P300,000 is needed for any senatorial candidates to be included in the Top 12 of the SWS and Pulse Asia Survey.

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